Pics From my Dakar Work and Travels

Check out my pictures of the Paris-Dakar Rally

The following pics are from Dakar 2006 where Chris placed 4th overall to be followed up in 2007 by a podium finish. Photos are from DPI, P.Batini, H.Peuker and me.

Joe with his guards @ bivouac

Grider charging the water in Portugal

Grider grinding the special test

Our USA team red bull support truck.

Fast Andy in a special test 

Testing central in tunisia for KTM factory

Tunisia testing

Habib the Snake charmer, Tunisa KTM buddy

Joe&amiga, Lisboa, Portugal front Blais poster @ Red Bull station

US Blais fans seek him out in New Guinea

Tunisia friends

Testing Dunlop’s new Rally tire, failed in Tunisia

Transporter for moto equipment

Blais in Dakar after greuling ordeal

Blais fans in Guinea

Team tea time with Habib in his shop Douz, Tunisia

USA team fans Africa

Habib with Joe, negotiating for KTM shirt!

Joe traditional Bedouin dress

blais_press shot


grider_press shoot

grider poster shot tunisia

grider_africa village

amigo villadoms of spain gases it!

dakar_team_2006 grider & blais

dakar_team_2006 Joe & Blais

Joe_Barker_2006 Team Manager

Grider Matt Joe 2006

USA Dakar team, grider joe blais spencer matt

dakar_team 2006 & african friends

Blais testing

i ride motos for work?

Showboat testing

Champ Coma Lake Rose Dakar

Special test charging hard!

10 hours a day

local band morocco

long day & short nightly bivouacs

Gio Sala my hero! 45+yrs

constant maintenance daily

Doc & Joe discussing strategy

GodSpeed to the late Andy Caldecott

Team Depres of France mechanics hard at work

Local culture in the bivouac

sleeping near the safety of the transporter

Lonely ride in africa

constant grind day & night

What Next? Now what?

Jordi Acarons, “the roadbook will save your life!”

Prepare the roadbook well!

Midnight, still more work to do on the bikes

4:00 am final route changes and gas preparation mileage notes

Cold night slept on ground in bivouac, riders had my tent

Bivouac cuisine

Coma blasting

Joe & Andy discuss day strategy

Coma resting

Dakar Champions from Spain Nani Roma & Marc Coma

Sand all day, ginding pilot, moto, tires & chain

more sand

rocks pounding the kilometers out

Astrid KTM team Coordinator Dakar- speaks 5 languages

Sala injured, Doc Edwards, patch job

Batini working in Press tent, photographer extordnaire 

Pensive Blais, rest day, Mauritania 

mechanics repairing seats

Winner Coma

Chris Rest Day 

Fixing Boot rest day

more sand dunes

really soft sand

mes amis

Blais & DeGavardo working on road books for next day’s stage

Cyril pounding the Senegal bush

Alain of Bamako, born local, lives in Paris, stage winner, good friend 

Bivouac Situation, aye momma!

Safest sleeping under plane

Russian Antov mega hauler!

Blais thinking @ start of stage

deep concentration before day start

Guards with Joe

cruising the african village

Team Spain blasting the river

Jo Sala Enduro multi world champ

Roberto feching material with ktm pit racer

Dakar organization Command central in Antov transport

Cyril Depres stressed after 2 weeks of a nightmare called Dakar

Coma dumps petrol, tired

Coma, Stress of Dakar

Team KTM USA support truck balsting a village

local villagers watch

Coma and wife @ finish in Dakar

towards end in Senegal

Our usa friend Johan Street charging 

Shores of Lake Rose

USA Team on Podium Dakar06 w/ KTM CEO Pier & boss Nicoll

Lake Rose and Victory