My Road Trip

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Off Road to Grand Canyon

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Off to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon on 9/18/07 with my buddies, Ed Rosco, Doc Lin Weaver, Bart Nichols, Blaine Dickerson, and Dan Giles. We road @about 10k feet the Skyline Drive dirt road route down to southern utah. We then rode 2 track desert road down to Fish Lake for dinner and a night’s rest in cabins. From Fish Lake we traveled thru the Grand Staircase desert to get Jacob Lake lodge to camp and use as a base as we explored the north rim of the canyon. We then road north and west to Big Water, Utah where we connected with the Smokey Mountain road taking us over rugged country for 80 miles without seeing another soul.We spent the night in Escalante at Escalante Outfitters. We slept in great cabins and had a wonderful dinner on my 52nd birthday. Met some friends, ate, drank and had a wonderful time closing down the restaurant.

Jacob Lake Inn

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