OKGo Treadmill music video, clik pic

Melissa Theuriau compilation, Sexy French news reader, clik pic

Sexy Obama Girl, clik pic

255 mph Hayabusa GSX-R 1300, clik pic

Click on the photos above for some of my favorite YouTube Videos. 

  • Bullet Be sure to watch Melissa if you are interested in a Sexy French girl. Why aren’t our news readers like Melissa?  Katie?
  • Bullet “Black Eyed Peas” song is featured in the USAF (United States Air Force crew; video shot off-duty)
  • BulletSee the riders &  KTM Baja 690 in Baja 500, 2007
  • Bullet“Ok Go” - is an interesting group that became popular via this YouTube video funded by a record company. A publicity stunt that looked homemade.
  • BulletFinally, the Crush on Obama by Obama Girl, no matter your politics, you will like this one!
  • BulletMotohead, GSX-R 1300 at 255 mph, no comment!

Pump it! USAF, click pic

KTM Baja 690 video, clik pic David Pearson, Chris Blais interviews