Rip, aka Dr. Corkery, lead us on a ride that was spectacular along the Continental divide overlooking Montana and Idaho. Chris Klick lead us thru the immaculate, groomed “single-track” trails that Idaho denies access to 4 wheel ATVs.

Leadore Motel

Pink Pony, JT & ED

PP rides again!

portrait on rest break

JT, Savior of Rick P. & Dr. Linn

snow in august

Ed, mi compañero

riders high on “rocky top”

tour guide, JT

Joe on the Idaho Continental Divide

“Lefty Bowl” klick cabin

anderson reservoir 

ready to single track

klick cabin from above

idaho vista & friends

ed on the new 450 exc

who has the austrian plate?

Klick out of the woods

pink pony and chris

nice ride boys

buddy with pp

prep area, chris’s workshop

peace with my friend chris

let’s ride again