The International Norton Rally was held in Torrey, Utah in July, 2007.  Colby, his friend, Mac, and I drove down and camped from 7/19 until 7/22/07.  Tom Kullen, Steve Seeley and the Utah British Bike Club did one “hell-a-vah” job of putting on the Rally. Tim Bowman and his lovely wife, Jane, booked the Salt Lake “Gamma Rays” for a rocking Friday night jam.  Tim played bass with the band. Jane and friends sang to classics like “Woolly-Bully” entertaining the old folks that could stay up past 9 pm. They rocked until 12 midnight. The Rally enjoyed beautiful weather with light rains in the afternoon and nights.  Some photos of the motorcycle concours is shown below. Note that there are many British bikes other than Nortons at the rally.  Visitors rode on and off-road as the area has route 12 (1 of 10 best moto roads in the USA), Zion Park, the Burr Trail, many OHV friendly trails as well as beautiful mountain twisty asphalt roads. The participants voted to have the 2009 rally with our Norton brothers in Colorado. Be sure to put it on your calendar as it promises to be fun! My son, Colby, ask me to sign him up.  He rode bicycles, caught & released lizards, ate, rode moto with his buddy all weekend, not to mention getting wet with the sprinklers while sleeping in the tent. What a great time with great friends!

Torrey Norton Rally
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