Canyoneering Kids

Our guide, Rick with Excursions of Escalante, taught us canyon safety and the techniques for canyoneering in the Grand Staircase of Escalante National Monument.  We climb Devil’s Garden, Canyoneered Eygpt Canyon & visited Zion’s Park on our 3 day trip.

get’in there

canyoneer team

mary sleep’n

mac reading



llama farm


breakfast before canyons

escalante guides

dinosaur prints

rock climber

kamiya & dino footprint

ancient footprint

canyon slot

Dino Hill

hoodo of devil’s garden

colby with wolf sisters

hoodo kids

wolf sisters

the tribe

sisters of hodoos

hike to the slots

dad & sis


slotting the canyon

kids stacked n slot

wreck’n crew

canyon posse

lift thru death pothole

pro guide, rick

barker band

kai the dog in pot

down the slot

kai the wonderdog

mary slipp’n 2 rick

elevator slot

gang with Kai

pink pony was there

pink pony says no dogs

pink pony @ Bryce

escalante dogs& admirers

canyon 4x4 wagon